All about the moto

As we we find ourselves amidst the season that’s bursting with beautiful autumn walks, pumpkin spice and chai lattes, and breezy, crisp air, what better time than to talk about one of my favourite fall wardrobe staples – the motorcycle jacket. No longer just worn by bold and brazen Hells Angel bikers seen and heard roaring down the streets, the moto jacket makes for the perfect outerwear choice to sport during this brisk fall season. Being both amazingly versatile and easy, moto jackets can give any outfit the perfect amount of chicness, let alone bad-ass-ery that one needs to kick some butt and get through the day with all the edge and confidence they could ever want. For those who know me and see me on the regular, they can attest that I probably wear my moto jacket MULTIPLE times throughout the week, so it’s definitely a piece that I swear by!

So for those of you looking to find some ways to bust out and rock your leather jackets – I thought I’d show you three ways that I’ve styled mine. Let’s get on into it!

1. Casual Every Day Street Look

For this first outfit, I decided to go with a quick ‘n easy street style feel, a perfectly chill #ootd look for a laid back weekend look. You can never fail by pairing logo tees with biker jackets together – it gives an instant cool, street-girl vibe. Here, I decided to keep it chic, classic and monotone in colour with just the simple use of black & white, but you can always switch things up and wear a fun, colourful band dee with some high-waisted true blue mom jeans.

What I love about this tee in particular, is that it helps me rep my city - because as a proud and true Torontonian, I know that the 6ix is really where it's at!

Side note: This tee also gets extra bonus points with me, because for every tee that's purchased, a tree is planted out in British Columbia. Check it out at, and use the discount code Meganyk for 20% off your purchase to help use fashion for the good of our environment!

Outfit details: Faux leather jacket from Zara, black YYZ tee from Marquee Noire, black skinnies from Winners, silver hoops from Artisans, black watch from Leonard & Church, and white chucks from Converse.

2. Edgy at the Office

Now alot of people who tend to wear jackets to work opt for the classic blazer look, which definitely is a great and standard go-to for office attire, but it’s fun every now and then to jazz things up with something different. This fall, I have been trying to rock my leather jacket at the office more often than usual – and it’s really about what you choose to pair it with that can help to tone things down, but still give you that edgy chicness that is still entirely work appropriate.

For ready to wear looks at the office with the moto jacket, feel free to pair them with a well fitted dress pant along with layering them with work sweaters or blouses. This addition of the moto jacket can easily kick up the look a few knotches, and you’ll be turning heads on your floor, with people wondering who this new bad-ass chick is walking straight over to her desk to get down to some serious business!

The items I chose to pair the moto jacket with here are particularly fall-inspired – with this burnt orange sweater top to match the stunning autumn leaves, and this pair of grey plaid dress pants. This particular type of plaid pattern is all the rage this fall, as it’s a true wardrobe staple for the ages. It’s also kind of like an ode to the younger, fresh summer gingham trend that has transitioned perfectly to a mature, evolved, plaid autumn print.  What better way to stay classically on-trend than this? Doesn’t get any better, if you ask me!

You can pair this outfit with an awesome pair of heels, or in my case here, I chose to stick with a pair of glossy black kicks to keep with the black leather theme. A pair of black leather pumps would work just fine as well, though, too! (By the way, does this shirt not also remind you of cinnamon and pumpkin spice?? Mmm!).

Outfit details: Black leather jacket from Zara, orange italian wool sweater from Uniqlo, grey plaid dress high waisted dress pants thrifted, and black patent booties from Marshalls.

3. Sleekly styled for a girls’ or date night out

Alrightie – so we’ve hit our third and final look! For this outfit, I wanted to make it work for either a girls’ night or a date night – basically an outfit that one could step out in feeling chic and sexy. So, of course, I paired the moto jacket with a slinky black maxi dress underneath along with a feminine, classy long blazer/kimono duo for an awesome going out ensemble to keep you lookin’ and feeling nothing but sleek and fab.

I also love that for those chillier autumn nights out, this kimono provides an extra layer of warmth to help you stay bundled up and protected from the cold, while still staying stylish and fashion-forward.

This look is simple, effortless, feminine and yet powerful – all things that work in perfect unison together. (Side note – the long blazer/kimono makes me feel kind of like a superhero, as if the extra length in the back is a cape and will make me ready to take anything on!).

Outfit details: Black leather jacket from Zara, floral kimono from Dynamite, black maxi dress from Aritzia and black mules from Forever 21.

So there you have it – three different types of looks with one inspired moto jacket piece. I hope this gives you guys some food for thought when it comes to busting out your leather jackets and figuring out cool and fresh ways to rock it this season!!

By the way, special shout out to my pal, Steven, for these amazingly sick photos. Thanks for spending the day with me to catch up and take these! 🙂

Thanks for reading, friends!

Until next time, stay golden, lovelies!

❤ Meg




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  1. May I ask what size t shirt you purchased from Marquee Noir?


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